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OTCQX is the highest tier of the OTC markets, where we help you to take your company. The companies listed on OTCQX must meet stringent financial and governance standards. This makes OTCQX the premier market for public companies that want to provide investors with the highest level of transparency and liquidity.


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Achieving a listing on OTCQX International can be a significant milestone for international companies seeking to access the U.S. market. Meeting the stringent eligibility criteria and adhering to ongoing obligations ensures that only credible companies are featured on the platform, providing investors with confidence and transparency. By understanding the requirements and responsibilities, Databoss offers a pathway for international companies to achieve success in the U.S. over-the-counter market.

PAL Requirements and Application Process

To be listed on OTCQX, international companies must appoint a Principal American Liaison (PAL) or an Investment Bank PAL. A PAL ensures compliance with OTCQX obligations and serves as a point of contact. We help you get approval from OTC Markets Group for all PALs, and companies must maintain a PAL at all times.

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The highest tier of the OTC Markets

OTCQX offers stringent financial and governance standards for public companies.

“Working with Databoss was a game-changer for our company’s IPO. Their deep understanding of the market. Thanks to their guidance, we confidently navigated the complexities and achieved a highly successful public offering.”

Edward Kennedy
Director, Xeriant Inc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Queries Answered to Navigate Your Databoss Journey with Confidence.

To be listed on OTCQX, a company must meet stringent financial and disclosure requirements, including meeting minimum bid price, financial performance, and reporting standards. The company also needs to engage an approved third-party sponsor to guide them through the application process.

Being listed on OTCQX offers several benefits, including enhanced visibility, increased investor confidence, access to a larger pool of investors, greater liquidity for the company’s securities, and improved market transparency.

OTCQX is considered the top tier of the OTC market and has higher listing standards compared to other OTC tiers like OTCQB and Pink. It is for established, investor-focused companies, while the other tiers cater to companies at different stages of development.

Yes, companies listed on OTCQX may choose to uplist to a national securities exchange like NASDAQ or NYSE if they meet the exchange’s specific listing criteria and requirements.

Investors can access information about OTCQX-listed companies through their financial advisors, brokerage platforms, or OTC Markets Group’s website, where companies’ financial data, disclosures, and news releases are available.