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What is it?

In anticipation of the public IPO, a preparatory phase involving collaboration with the investment bank involves the orchestration of a pivotal “roadshow” targeted at engaging large private investors and garnering interest in the company’s IPO. This strategic endeavor necessitates the development of compelling and meticulously crafted marketing materials, encompassing a multifaceted narrative that includes the company’s historical trajectory, mission-driven vision, and ambitious growth objectives, as well as a comprehensive exposition of the company’s financial performance and IPO objectives.

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The construction of the roadshow portfolio demands thoughtful consideration of both digital and traditional channels to facilitate an impactful dissemination of information. Emphasis is placed on leveraging online platforms, which experienced heightened popularity during the onset of the global pandemic, to conduct pre-sell presentations, thereby optimizing outreach and fostering broader engagement with potential investors. 


By leveraging a well-crafted blend of online and offline approaches, companies endeavor to maximize the efficacy of their roadshow, ultimately positioning themselves advantageously in the process. The strategic and technical precision required during this phase is critical for securing investor interest and facilitating the successful public offering of the company’s securities.

“Working with Databoss was a game-changer for our company’s IPO. Their deep understanding of the market. Thanks to their guidance, we confidently navigated the complexities and achieved a highly successful public offering.”

Edward Kennedy
Director, Xeriant Inc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The purpose of a roadshow is to educate investors about the company and its business, and to answer any questions that investors may have. The roadshow is also an opportunity for the company to build relationships with investors and to generate interest in its IPO.

Databoss’s Roadshow Planning and Execution service includes:

  • Roadshow planning: Databoss will work with the company to develop a roadshow schedule, identify potential investors, and prepare the presentation materials.
  • Roadshow execution: Databoss will accompany the company on the roadshow and facilitate the presentations to investors.
  • Post-roadshow support: Databoss will provide the company with feedback on the roadshow and help to address any outstanding investor questions.

Databoss’s Roadshow Planning and Execution service is a customized service that is tailored to the specific needs of each company. The service typically begins with an assessment of the company’s current situation. Based on the assessment, Databoss will develop a plan for planning and executing the roadshow. The plan may include identifying potential investors, preparing the presentation materials, and facilitating the presentations to investors.

The benefits of using Databoss’s Roadshow Planning and Execution service include:

  • Peace of mind: Knowing that the roadshow is being planned and executed by experienced professionals can give the company peace of mind.
  • Increased efficiency: Databoss can help the company to save time and money by planning and executing the roadshow efficiently.
  • Increased investor interest: A well-planned and executed roadshow can help to generate interest in the company’s IPO.