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Databoss helps companies go public in the US market. Empower your company to become a prominent public entity and achieve lasting success.

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Traditional IPO

Company goes public on a stock exchange.

Regulation A+ IPO

Smaller companies raise capital with less regulation.


Shell company merges with private firm to take it public.

M&A (Including Reverse Mergers)

Companies combine through acquisition or merger

Direct Public Offerings

Company sells shares directly to investors.

Private Placement Offerings

Company sells shares to a select group of investors.

Public Shell Companies

Listed companies with no operating business.

IPO Cost Calculator

Estimates expenses associated with going public.

Strategy Consulting

Develops overall plan for the IPO process.

Valuation and Pricing Analysis

Determines fair market value for the company.

Market Research and Analysis

Analyzes market conditions for the IPO.

Compliance & Regulatory Support

Ensures adherence to IPO regulations. DTC, FINRA, OTC.

Venture Capital Services

Provides funding and guidance to pre-IPO companies.

Investor Relations

Manages communication with investors after IPO.

Financial Due Diligence

Investigates company's financial health pre-IPO.

Roadshow Planning & Execution

Creates and executes marketing events for investors.

Post Performance Monitoring

Tracks company performance after going public.

Corporate Governance

Advises on best practices for public companies. DTC, FINRA, OTC

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Our vision is to be the leading advisor for global companies seeking a successful US IPO, empowering them to become prominent public entities. We are on a mission to deliver unparalleled expertise in IPO strategy, regulatory compliance, and investor relations, ensuring a smooth and tailored journey for each client on their path to lasting success in the public markets.

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